MonoBase Wind Successfully Concludes GBF Model Testing at MARIN

Delft, The Netherlands.
Published 16 February 2014

MonoBase Wind BV is pleased to announce the successful completion of model testing at the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN). The extensive testing, encompassing all stages of transport, installation, and in-place situations, yielded results that align with our predictions, marking a significant milestone in the development of the MonoBase wind turbine foundation.

Key Highlights of the Model Testing:

  1. Transportation Analysis: The analysis of transportation conditions revealed mild accelerations, with nacelle height experiencing less than 1.1 m/s² even in challenging wave conditions (6 m significant wave height and 12 m maximum waves). The design’s resistance to wave sensitivity in the southern part of the North Sea (mostly 4-8 sec waves) showcased the robustness of the MonoBase structure.
  2. Installation Procedure: The MonoBase demonstrated controlled movement within acceptable limits during the installation procedure, accommodating wave limits of 2m (10 sec) and/or 2.5m (8 sec). This flexibility empowers operational crews to choose weather windows based on specific project requirements, emphasizing the redundancy in design and procedure.
  3. Donut Lowering: The lowering of the distinctive ‘donut’ structure proved to be much better controllable than anticipated. The controlled descent, as demonstrated in the video, exhibited precise maneuvering, providing flexibility in adjusting to various circumstances during installation. The design allows for tunable deceleration by adjusting the space between the ‘donut’ and ‘tower column.’
  4. In-Place Simulation: Simulating a 100-year storm in 45 m water depth, the model withstood massive maximum waves of 32 m during in-place testing. This robust performance instills confidence in clients that the MonoBase can be tailored to withstand even the most extreme storm conditions.

The successful model testing sets the stage for MonoBase Wind’s next steps, which include executing detailed studies for clients. These studies will focus on customizing the MonoBase design for specific locations, environmental conditions, and turbine specifications.

“We are thrilled with the outcomes of the model testing at MARIN, confirming the reliability and resilience of the MonoBase design,” said Herm Bussemaker, CTO at MonoBase Wind. “This achievement propels us forward as we continue to refine our foundation technology for optimal performance in diverse offshore conditions.”