MonoBase Wind Secures Prestigious Model Test Slot at MARIN Institute

Delft, The Netherlands.
Published 15 February 2014

MonoBase Wind, a trailblazer in renewable energy, proudly announces its recent accolade—a coveted two-week model test slot at the prestigious Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN). This remarkable opportunity, awarded in recognition of innovation in the Dutch maritime sector, signifies a critical milestone for MonoBase Wind’s groundbreaking offshore wind turbine foundation.

Key Highlights:

  1. Awarded Model Test Slot: MonoBase Wind has clinched a valuable two-week model test slot at MARIN, a renowned maritime research institute. This opportunity, granted as part of an initiative to foster innovation in the Dutch maritime sector, showcases the significance of MonoBase Wind’s contribution to advancing offshore wind technology.
  2. Testing Transport and Installation Stages: The allocated model test slot will focus on testing crucial stages of the transport and installation operations of the MonoBase Wind foundation. These tests aim to validate computer models, ensuring accuracy and reliability in simulating real-world scenarios. The initiative emphasizes the commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation within the renewable energy landscape.
  3. Stimulating Innovation: The initiative to provide free model test slots at MARIN is designed to stimulate innovation in the Dutch maritime sector. By lowering the threshold for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) like MonoBase Wind to test new ideas and concepts, the program encourages feasibility checks and early-phase improvements, nurturing the growth of groundbreaking concepts.
  4. Critical Step for MonoBaseWind: Securing this model test slot is a pivotal step for MonoBase Wind in maturing its innovative concept. The tests conducted at MARIN will not only enhance the foundation’s feasibility but also contribute valuable insights for further advancements in the offshore wind energy sector.


“We are honored to be awarded this unique model test slot at MARIN, a testament to the innovation and potential of the MonoBase Wind concept,” said Geert Jan Hoek, CEO at MonoBase Wind. “This opportunity aligns with our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in offshore wind technology, and we look forward to the insights gained from these tests.”

The model test at MARIN marks a significant stride in MonoBase Wind’s journey toward developing a robust and efficient offshore wind turbine foundation.