Monobase Wind meets with Dutch Climate & Energy Minister Rob Jetten During Cork Visit

Cork, Ireland.
Published 15 November 2022

Monobase Wind, a key player in the renewable energy sector, recently had the privilege of meeting with Dutch Minister of Climate & Energy, Rob Jetten, during his visit to Cork, Ireland. David Hoek and Erwin van Berkel represented Monobase Wind at this significant encounter, which took place in September 2022 at an event hosted by Cork County, City, and Chamber.

The meeting provided an opportunity for a fruitful discussion on critical developments in the offshore wind power sector, with a particular focus on the recent agreement between Minister Rob Jetten and his international counterparts from various North Sea countries. Together, they outlined an ambitious plan to generate a staggering 260 gigawatts of offshore wind power by 2050 within the North Sea region. This initiative aligns with the comprehensive plan presented by the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark in May.

In the course of their conversation, Monobase Wind and Minister Jetten explored the role of innovation and the development of new ‘green’ technologies in achieving these ambitious renewable energy goals. The Dutch innovation climate and the support provided by the government were key topics, emphasizing Monobase Wind’s active involvement in driving innovation within the sector.

“We are honored to have engaged in a meaningful discussion with Minister Rob Jetten during his visit to Cork,” said David Hoek, representative of Monobase Wind. “The commitment and collaboration demonstrated by the Netherlands and its North Sea counterparts underscore the importance of international cooperation in achieving our shared renewable energy objectives.”

Monobase Wind, recognized for its role in innovation and the development of sustainable technologies, is poised to contribute significantly to the collective effort in meeting the North Sea region’s offshore wind power targets. The meeting with Minister Rob Jetten reflects the company’s commitment to collaboration, innovation, and advancing the green energy agenda.