MonoBase Wind Gears Up for London Offshore Wind 2017 Conference

London, England.
Published 25 May 2017

MonoBase Wind is set to participate in the highly anticipated Offshore Wind 2017 conference in London, marking a pivotal moment for the company in engaging with industry leaders, stakeholders, and fellow innovators. The event promises valuable insights, networking opportunities, and discussions that will shape the future of offshore wind energy.

The Offshore Wind 2017 conference provides a dynamic platform for professionals and organizations to explore the latest trends, advancements, and collaborative opportunities within the offshore wind sector. As a leading player in renewable energy, MonoBase Wind is eager to contribute to these conversations, share insights, and connect with industry peers.

“We are excited to be part of the Offshore Wind 2017 conference, a key gathering that brings together the brightest minds and industry leaders in offshore wind energy,” said Geert Jan Hoek, CEO at MonoBase Wind. “This conference provides an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, showcase our innovations, and forge meaningful partnerships that will drive positive change in the industry.”

To schedule a meeting with MonoBase Wind representatives during the conference, please contact us at

MonoBase Wind remains committed to advancing sustainable solutions and actively participating in events that contribute to the evolution of the renewable energy landscape.