MonoBase Wind Forges Consortium to Propel Innovation in Borssele Kavel 5

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Published 01 June 2017

MonoBase Wind proudly announces its strategic collaboration with Dutch partners in establishing a consortium dedicated to delivering two cutting-edge foundations for the Borssele Kavel V Innovation Kavel. Committed to providing full Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI) solutions, the consortium introduces two pioneering concepts: a MonoBaseWind foundation and a monopile featuring a double slip joint design by KCI.

This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in advancing foundation technologies for offshore wind turbines. The prototypes of both foundation concepts will be seamlessly integrated with standard wind turbines, establishing a connection to the grid to generate electricity. The innovation showcased in Borssele Kavel V provides a unique platform to demonstrate the full potential of these foundation advancements, which hold the promise of substantial cost savings in future offshore wind developments.

Key Highlights:

  1. MonoBaseWind Foundation: MonoBase Wind brings its expertise to the consortium with a distinctive foundation design that signifies a paradigm shift in offshore wind technology.
  2. Monopile with Double Slip Joint Design by KCI: Collaborating with renowned partners, KCI contributes its innovative monopile featuring a double slip joint design, ensuring enhanced efficiency and reliability.

The prototypes of these groundbreaking foundation concepts are slated for installation in 2020. The rigorous testing and demonstration phase will not only showcase the viability of these innovations but also underscore their potential to revolutionize offshore wind projects.

“This consortium represents a collective effort to push the boundaries of offshore wind foundation technology,” said David Hoek, Business Development Manager at MonoBase Wind. “By combining our expertise with that of our Dutch partners, we aim to set a new standard for efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness in offshore wind development.”

For more information on the double slip joint design by KCI, please visit the

MonoBase Wind remains committed to spearheading innovation in the renewable energy sector, driving positive change for a sustainable future.