MonoBase Wind Celebrates: EU Patent Granted for Gravity Base Foundation

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Published 08 September 2017

MonoBase Wind, a leading innovator in the renewable energy sector, is delighted to announce a significant milestone in its technological portfolio. The European Union has granted the patent for the MonoBase Gravity Base Foundation, solidifying the company’s commitment to advancing groundbreaking solutions in offshore wind energy.

The granted EU patent underscores the unique and inventive aspects of the MonoBase Gravity Base Foundation, positioning it as a pioneering technology in the field. This achievement marks the culmination of dedicated research, development, and innovation efforts by MonoBase Wind’s expert team.

“We are thrilled to share the news of the EU Patent being granted for our Gravity Base Foundation,” said Herm Bussemaker, CTO at MonoBase Wind. “This recognition reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and developing sustainable solutions for the offshore wind industry.”

The MonoBase Gravity Base Foundation offers a robust and efficient solution for offshore wind turbines, leveraging gravity for stability. With the EU patent secured, MonoBase Wind is poised to contribute to the global transition to cleaner energy sources by offering a reliable and innovative foundation technology.

This accomplishment reinforces MonoBase Wind’s position as an industry leader, dedicated to advancing the renewable energy landscape. The company remains committed to further innovation, sustainability, and contributing to the global effort to address climate change.