Completion of Basic Design for Borssele Kavel 5 Demonstrator

Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Published 30 December 2016

MonoBase Wind proudly announces the successful completion of the Basic Design phase for the Monobase Gravity Base Foundation (GBF) dedicated to the Borselle Kavel 5 Demonstrator location. A culmination of six months of collaborative efforts with esteemed engineering partners, including RoyalHaskoningDHV, KCI the Engineers, Marin, Keppel Verolme, and Van Hattum en Blankenvoort, has resulted in a groundbreaking design tailored for a water depth of 38 meters and a turbine size of 6-8 MW.

Key Achievements of the Basic Design Phase:

Collaborative Excellence: MonoBase Wind collaborated with industry-leading engineers to ensure a comprehensive and innovative approach to the Monobase GBF design.

Cost-Effective Concrete Structure: The finalized design represents a cost-effective concrete structure with streamlined details, incorporating innovative features such as J-tube, sliding, and ballast systems.


  • Study Report
  • Basis of Design
  • Structural Analysis Report
  • Construction Drawings for Concrete Foot and Base
  • Construction Drawings for Steel Leg and Appurtenances
  • Transport and Installation Drawings
  • Risk Register

“The successful completion of the Basic Design phase is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our collaborative team of engineers,” said David Hoek, Business Development Manager at MonoBase Wind. “We are excited about the progress made and look forward to the next stages of development as we bring this innovative project to fruition.”

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MonoBase Wind remains committed to advancing sustainable solutions and driving positive change in the offshore wind industry.