Monobase Wind Secures MIT R&D Subsidy from Dutch Province North-Holland

Edam, The Netherlands.
Published 20 August 2023

Monobase Wind, a leading player in the renewable energy sector, is proud to announce the receipt of a significant Research and Development (R&D) subsidy from the Dutch Province of North-Holland through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This subsidy will accelerate Monobase Wind’s ongoing efforts to advance innovation in wind energy technology.

The MIT R&D subsidy is a testament to Monobase Wind’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of renewable energy solutions. The funding will be utilized to support research initiatives aimed at enhancing the efficiency, sustainability, and affordability of wind energy generation. This collaboration underscores the shared commitment of Monobase Wind, MIT, and the Dutch Province of North-Holland to driving positive change in the global energy landscape.

“We are delighted to receive the MIT R&D subsidy from the Dutch Province of North-Holland, which reflects the confidence placed in our commitment to advancing renewable energy technology,” said David Hoek, CCO at Monobase Wind. “This funding will play a crucial role in supporting our ongoing research initiatives and propel us toward even greater innovation in the field of wind energy.”

Monobase Wind’s dedication to research and development has positioned the company as a leader in renewable energy solutions. The MIT subsidy will empower Monobase Wind to further explore cutting-edge technologies, enhance existing projects, and explore new avenues for sustainable energy generation.

“The MIT R&D subsidy is a strategic investment in the future of renewable energy, and we are proud to partner with Monobase Wind in this endeavor,” according to the Dutch Province of North-Holland. “By supporting innovative projects, we aim to contribute to the global transition toward cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.”

Monobase Wind looks forward to leveraging this subsidy to strengthen its position as an industry pioneer, driving advancements that will contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.