Visit to Daewoo E&C, Seoul HQ

In April 2022, after successful completion of the MSPAR modeltests, the management of Monobase Wind visited Seoul, South Korea. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the successful completion of the modeltests and budgets and planning for the consecutive Basic Design and Full-scale Demonstration phases with Daewoo E&C as part of our Joint Technology Development roadmap. 

The consortium is well on track to achieve its goals set out in the development timeline. Pending a pilot location the full-scale prototype can be delivered as early as the last quarter of 2023 or the start of 2024. 

Besides meeting with the esteemed team of Daewoo E&C, Monobase Wind visited various companies based in an around Seoul to present our solutions to the Korean offshore wind market. Meetings with companies such as the Korean branch of RWE and Copenhagen Offshore Partners proved very interesting and promise a great deal for the future application of the MSPAR floater. 

Prior to a tour around the R&D facility of Daewoo E&C, Monobase Wind was introduced to the 8 to 12 MW offshore wind turbine platform designed by Korean based Doosan Heavy. Doosan Heavy, part of the Doosan Group – established in 1896 and one of the oldest running companies in South Korea – is ranked as one of the worlds top heavy equipment manufacturers. 

In retrospect the visit to Seoul was very valuable and the team of Monobase Wind looks forward to return.