MSPAR Modeltest Big Success

Modeltest at Oceanide maritime testing facility in Toulon, France

On March 11, 2022 the MSPAR floating foundation model tests ( scale 1/44 ) have been successfully completed. Beyond expectation!

The MSPAR offshore floating wind turbine foundation concept ( patent pending ) is a joint development project by Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd, Republic of Korea and Monobase Wind B.V., The Netherlands.

The tests were conducted at the facilities of Oceanide in Seyne sur Mer near Toulon, France and lasted for three weeks. 

The results as to stability and behaviour during transport, installation and in-place conditions are exceptional and well within industry standards and parameters. The concept is now ready for AIP and a full scale prototype.

A summary video of the tests in varied met-ocean conditions can be accessed using the following link: YouTube Video of Model Tests

The model, scale 1:44, shows SPAR motion behavior, minimal accelerations.

The consortium have fast tracked the development of the concept and aim to complete Basic Design and certification in principle by the end of 2022 and present a full scale demonstrator to the market in the course of 2023/2024.

The MSPAR floating foundation is a combination of a semi-submersible and SPAR designed for complete assembly at quayside, tow-out using tugs and an in-place draft of more than 70 meters. Designed with compact dimensions to allow for efficient logistics, maximum local content for fabrication, installation and maintenance and includes substantial reduction in CO2 emissions during transport and installation. 

The MSPAR is designed to carry 15-20 MW turbines in deep water more than 90 meters and harsh sea state and meteorological conditions.

The design includes solutions allowing for serial production and supply chain optimisation based on the experience provided by Daewoo E&C using regular offshore structure fabrication technology and mostly existing quay sides with a draft of 10-15 meters and unhindered access to the ocean. 

The consortium combines more than 20 years of experience and know how in the field of maritime structural design and fabrication of structures for port & harbour facilities as well as the naval and offshore industry in general and the renewable energy business in particular.